What is xelliun?

xelliun is a platform to create & distribute content


What type of content?

Films, TV series, documentaries & User Generated Content made by the Public


A platform sounds complicated, who is it for?

Our platform is split into 4 areas:
1) Film & Series production & distribution for subscribers.
2) Distribution of UGC (videos made by public on popular topics) for Public viewing & involvement.
3) Directory for Businesses & Public to buy or exchange services that are needed to create content.
4) A Film, Series & Content database for Fans who want more information on their favorite shows and blockbusters.


Why? What was wrong with what everyone currently uses?

YouTube is so old fashioned and outdated.Films are hit & miss, controlled by the powerful few.Shows are expensive and infrequent.Shows are just aired, you like them or you don’t.
Everything is produced behind closed doors, in an old fashioned way that has not evolved with society.


Why is xelliun better?

It is decentralised, open source and community driven social platform with a autonomous  running algorithm for a fair rewards system. In the xeliLive system, the community will decide which video clips should be rewarded or deleted after 1 year of existence.

Xelliun is different from other platforms, as we focus on collaboration between content creators and their viewers.  The current industry is a guessing game where studios and production companies make content that they hope will be popular.  Xelliun wants to change this so that the production companies make content that has been voted for by the public audience.  We want to viewing audience to have greater control of what is produced, which actors and storylines are used, and something else.

We also want to create a new genre where the public get to see how their favorite show are made, and participate with actors & crew live on set, asking questions, listening to live interviews, and something else.


Who is xelliun for?

For old and young . anybody  Everybody loves entertainment and we will focus on good content.

For the Public who want better content.  For media creators who want to receive rewards for making popular content.For production companies and professional creators who wish to hire and collaborate with each other.

For people who want to be part of an ever evolving media platform, in which they have a greater level of control and influence over how things get done, what content is produced, and can be rewarded for their  individual contributions.


Why am I reading your website?

Because we want to invest in a project that will be successful & profitable.  If we can convince you that this project will be the “next big thing”, then you will invest.  Your early investment now will really help the funding of the xelliun project, and the project’s success will produce rewards for those early investors.


What do you want me to do, on your website?

Get the information about the xelliun project, keep updated.We want you to understand our project, believe in it, invest by buying tokens at a special rate, refer friends to invest, and share information about why the xelliun project is special.


Why should I trust you, who are you guys?

Because we are some of the best people from the Film industry and tech world with a lot of knowledge about film production


How do I do what you want me to do?

Just upload your clip or work sample and get immediate response from the community .they will vote if they like it trough there vote and you get rewarded with xelliun coins.

Fill out the form, and help to contribute to further development of your platform.  Watch us grow, contribute your ideas, and help steer the platform to sucess.